Flooring in Ventura County, CA, That Lasts

Flooring in Ventura County, CAFlooring in Ventura County, CA, can have a long and productive life if cared for as an investment in your home. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take that long. A little bit of time spent every week on care and preventive maintenance works wonders to preserve the beauty and integrity of your home flooring. Talk to one of the experts at The Floor Trader Outlet of Ventura County for specific details.

Our flooring store is the size of a warehouse, which gives you an abundance of options, whether you’re searching for a certain brand, type, style, or color. We literally have hundreds and hundreds of options here for you to browse through.

When you do decide, you can take your flooring home with you that day. We do recommend professional installation. As a matter of fact, we have a List of preferred installers we can share with you. These are technicians who have proven to be skilled, experienced, and reliable.

Protecting & Preserving Your New Flooring

Actually, proper installation is one way to ensure your floor coverings last for many years. This is because the installation needs to be done in a way that secures the surface material and prevents damage. This starts at the very beginning with tearing out the old flooring, preparing the subfloor, and laying the new covering, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Another way to make your flooring last longer is to clean it regularly. Yes, vacuuming and sweeping are essential to keeping that surface looking appealing. This is because dirt and debris can mar the flooring, especially if heavy foot traffic presses it into the grooves and grout.

There is also a great deal a homeowner can do to prevent damage to your floor coverings. For instance, when moving heavy furniture, you can put down a sheet of plywood and roll your dolly with its heavy load to the exact spot. Also, before you sit on that new sectional, make sure there are wide-bearing floor protectors underneath.

One of our favorite tricks is to decorate with area rugs. Place these in busy areas of your home, as well as underneath all of the furniture to keep the legs from scratching your new flooring. We share these tips and tricks with you because we want you to enjoy those stunning surfaces you purchased from us for many happy years to come.

Contact us today to choose practical and beautiful flooring from our warehouse. We proudly serve customers throughout Ventura County, California.