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Wood Look Tile in Ventura County, CAHardwood is one of the most desired flooring styles, but it’s not suitable for every room. Wood and water don’t mix, so it’s not recommended to install hardwood in areas that are often exposed to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of wood flooring for those spaces.

At The Floor Trader Outlet of Ventura County, we’re pleased to offer an effective solution: tile. Our collection of wood look tile in Ventura County, CA, includes a wide range of ceramic and porcelain surfaces that replicate the beauty and strength of genuine wood.

Thanks to modern manufacturing innovations, tile can match the appearance and texture of any wood species down to the finest details. In fact, many people cannot tell the difference between authentic wood and our wood-alternative tile products without close examination. Visit our store today to see these remarkable surfaces with your own eyes and discover the perfect product for your construction or renovation project.

The Advantages of Installing Tile

The key advantage of wood plank porcelain tile and ceramic tile products is that they do not swell when exposed to moisture. Wood is naturally absorbent, so it sucks in moisture and swells until it finally dries out and shrinks again. These small shifts in mass can create gapping between wood planks, which is why hardwood is not recommended for areas that get wet. Porcelain and tile do not have this restriction.

Another big benefit of installing tile is that it is easy to maintain. Tile is tough, so it holds up well against heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, wood plank ceramic tile and porcelain tile only need routine sweeping and mopping to keep clean. With a little extra upkeep like occasional grout cleaning, your tile floor will look like new even decades after it was installed. To learn more about the advantages of tile, talk to our store’s staff members today.

A Surface for Every Style

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a ceramic or porcelain wood tile surface for you. We carry products replicating a wide range of hardwood species and stains, so our store is sure to have something that coordinates well with your interior design. Not sure what would look best in your room? We’re here to help; just ask our team members for a recommendation tailored to your project.

Contact us to start exploring the many wood-alternative tile products available to you. We’re proud to serve clients from throughout Ventura County, California.